Can't get your Slate recognized in Windows XP/7? Drivers Here!


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    Can't get your Slate recognized in Windows XP/7? Drivers Here! Empty Can't get your Slate recognized in Windows XP/7? Drivers Here!

    Post by deez1234 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:20 pm

    How To : Installing Drivers for the LG G-Slate

    This is a crude method that works to get your Slate recognized by your Windows 7/XP machine. The driver that is installed is not intended for the G-Slate, but it will work as it is another LG USB driver. Also, after the driver is installed DO NOT use the LG Software Updater to "Upgrade" your device. This is intended for another product (LGP999). Keep in mind that this guide is a rough version of the process as I may have missed or mixed up a step along the way. You will, however, have a general idea of what to do if my guide isn't completely on point. Wink

    1. Download the software BC2AppSetup.exe from HERE

    2. Install the Software Package (LG Mobile Updater)

    3. After installation you will see a button "Install USB Drivers". It will then bring you to a drop down menu where you will select your carrier (T-Mobile).

    4. After selecting your carrier you will see another drop down menu where you will choose which driver to install. I'm sure that most of them would work but for this guide you are going to choose "LGP999".

    5. Next you will see a pop up asking to install the drivers. Keep your LG G-Slate disconnected via USB until the driver install is complete. After the install you may now plug in your device.

    6. Now you want to test that your driver install was successful. Open up your Command Prompt and CD to your folder containing ADB. Type "adb devices" and look at the output. It will contain a bunch of numbers with the word "device" next to it if you were successful.

    7. If it was unsuccessful please uninstall the software/drivers and try again.

    The guide will be updated if any of my instructions are not completely correct. If you attempt this method please verify whether it worked for you and if I can do anything to make this guide more refined. It is pretty simple to figure out but if there are any issues with my instructions please let me know.

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