Unlocking the MF'ing Bootloader


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    Unlocking the MF'ing Bootloader Empty Unlocking the MF'ing Bootloader

    Post by Admin on Thu May 05, 2011 11:16 am

    No, I don't know how to do it. But it's obvious the age old method of typing "fastboot oem unlock" into the adb shell doesn't work. Many of the quick and easy methods for rooting/unlocking android devices don't work because of the G-Slate's hackt out SD card.

    So - I see three possible solutions to solving this problem:

    1. Find out what we do need to type into fastboot to get the sucker unlocked, or
    2. Find a way to unmount the SD card.
    3. Keep the bootloader locked and figure out a workaround that will still allow root privileges (check out this EXAMPLE)

    As much as I dislike modifying hardware, I think it may be easier to physically hack into the G-Slate and temporarily remove the SD card from the internal structure, then booting and attempting SuperOneClick or RATC. Unfortunately, if I try this and it doesn't work, well, I doubt T-mob is going to want a physically modified tablet back...so I'm sure I'll really be stuck with it then.

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