How can I recover from a corrupt build.prop file?


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    How can I recover from a corrupt build.prop file?

    Post by glberg on Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:10 am

    Long story short. Netflix was updated again. Rather than try to chase down the .apk I edited my build.prop ,yet again, to a compatible device on Market.
    Fat fingers or old age, whatever, I apparently wrecked my build.prop file. Reboots to a blamk screen.
    Being linux stupid and an XP user, I got into adb mode through hacky cwm. I used adb to get my ser. no., then shelled into my slate through that number.
    I get a # prompt and can list the folders of the slate. I can cd to the system folder and list only shows a bin folder.
    I am guessing, from what I've read, that is because it is a incompatible file system to the Windows XP system.
    Is there any other way to restore a working build.prop file for someone willing to follow instructions?
    Any help appreciated.

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