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    50 cent Apps on the market Empty 50 cent Apps on the market

    Post by moabizzi on Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:45 pm

    there many more apps on the market, including swiftkey keyboard on the market, but i already had some of them, so im only going to list the apps i just got for the gslate specifically. if you want a complete list, go to the android market website and they have a section on there. all the games listed are running well and are worth it.

    ShadowGun - made for tegra 2 devices and runs and looks amazing.Tablet Gears of War.

    Dead Space - same as shadow gun, played a bit of it, good use of the touch screen and runs smooth. huuuuge supplementary download needed to play. if you got the space, must get.

    They Need to be Fed - good gravity puzzle game, which looks good.

    Quell Reflect - another puzzle game, in which you have to collect all the "crystals" in the least possible moves.

    Osmosis - played a for a bit, its the HD version, so it looks good on the tablet, decent time waster.

    World of Goo - must get this game, good looking, usually $5 in the market. looks great and plays great aswell.

    Sniper vs Sniper - good concept plays well. move around the tablet to see your environment and find the opposing sniper and shoot him.

    Colosseum - just a hack at some orchs, collect money and level up. gladiator meets LOTR meets nick jr.

    Wheres My Water - i believe this was for 25 cents yesterday, great puzzle game.

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