Proposed XDA Associateship Declined :(


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    Proposed XDA Associateship Declined :(

    Post by Admin on Tue May 17, 2011 6:23 pm

    Well guys, it looks like we are on our own for now.

    As some of you may already know, yesterday I sent XDA a proposal, suggesting that our forum become an official XDA affiliate, thereby alleviating the need for them to build their own G-Slate forum (which, for all we know, may never happen).

    I'm skipping over the vast majority of the details here, but basically, the way it would've worked is that when you go to view the device DB or forum list, where normally you would find the link to a specific device's XDA forum, you would instead find a link to under the G-Slate section.

    Unfortunately, my proposal was turned down, as XDA does not normally do "affiliates", and because of concerns that the linking scheme that would be needed would be much too complicated (a concern that I myself had as well).

    But no worries, we will soldier on alone on our island of G-Slate solitude. I guess that's just the price one pays for being at the cutting edge of mobile technology. I am committed to keeping this site up and running for as long as it is needed. So, for as long as there is 1 G-Slate user left in the world, no one will have to worry about finding a place to discuss and develop it - G-SlateFans will always be here.

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