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    Bypassing Master Password  Empty Bypassing Master Password

    Post by V905R on Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:44 am

    Does this thing work?

    STEP 2: If gslate show password screen after boot:

    - Boot the slate into fastboot mode by turning it off, then holding the volume button and power button down untill it says "entering fastboot protocol"....
    - Then open a terminal or cmd prompt (folder include fastboot) on your PC and with the slate pugged into USB type:
    fastboot oem unlock
    fastboot -w (format all userdata)
    Reboot and your all set

    I have Optimus Pad and i think they all the same G-Slate, Optimus Pad, V905R

    Because i just bought V905R from someone and it appears it has a locked by master password when i contacted him he said i don't know about it and send it to LG while LG told me this:

    I really do apologize for the inconvenience but I would like to take a moment to remind you that you have contacted LG in the United States and I do notice that your device is one that originates from a market outside the United States. We are only able to provide customer support for products made for and sold in the United States I am afraid. Even though LG makes the hardware for these devices we are not able to actually help out with the product was not meant for the U.S. market unfortunately. You see, we do not have information, parts or software for models which are not sold and meant for the USA I am afraid. I suggest contacting LG in your country for a better support regarding this model in specific.

    Any help?

    * I found seller's post they also told him the same thing

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