update 3.1 from V909 on V905r, need a few pointers.


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    update 3.1 from V909 on V905r, need a few pointers.

    Post by avengin on Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:25 pm

    Hey, so I rooted and made a backup the day I got my V905r so I can always restore.
    However I need a pointer on installing the V909's 3.1 manual update on the V905r.
    I followed the guidelines on the google project page, but when I get to the part
    where I install the update zip from CWM I get a get.prop error saying something
    about v909 in quotes. Anyone want to give me a pointer to what I should do to get
    around this? I know the rom is for T-Mobile and has the possibility for screwing
    with my 3G connection but that's fine, I'll get to that road when I do. Any
    pointers would be great.

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    Re: update 3.1 from V909 on V905r, need a few pointers.

    Post by moabizzi on Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:16 am

    You should try asking the ppl on the IRC discussion. those are the brains in the forums. Ive realized ppl dont post or response much on here, but the IRC devs are awesome and would give you the best advice. google: irc freenode... go to channels and i believe the channel is #g-slate... connect and leave a msg in there. theyd give you the best advice. IDK how frequently ppl look at this website either. so go there for a quick response. i have to check XDA for my phone and this website daily for the gslate and then i can go on with trolling the net. good luck man.

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